Pipe Relining Newcastle

Pipe Relining Newcastle provides reliable and professional drains repair service throughout the entire Newcastle area.

Blocked and damaged drains anywhere in Newcastle can be repaired using the latest drain repair technology.

All of the Pipe Re-lining Techniques offered by Pipe Relining Newcastle create a structural repair to many different pipe materials.

All scale of pipe relining throughout the Newcastle area.

Damaged drains can usually be quickly and economically repaired using our pipe relining system.

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Blocked Drains and Pipe Relining

Repair of drains which are both blocked and damaged, is a specialty of Pipe Relining Newcastle- Call today ! No-Dig Trenchless Pipe Relining.

Image showing jetter clearing a blocked and damaged pipe.

 First, we clear  your drains and use CCTV to locate  damage and check the condition of the drains generally.

Graphic of a cutaway section of a damaged pipe showing the insertion of the pipe liner during the no-dig pipe relining process.

Next, we reline your drains using an epoxy re-liner bladder to the exact fault location.

Graphic depicting a damaged drain repaired by pipe relining methods.

The epoxy re-liner is then inflated, hardened and tested.

These types of repairs are typically carried out with no major excavations at your property.

The advantage of no-dig Pipe Relining.

Graphic logo depicting drain repairs without the need for digging or excavation.

The advantage of No-Dig Pipe Relining are obvious.

1. Damaged drains which previously leaked are sealed by the drain lining process and will once again operate properly without discharge.

2. Pipes which have lost structural integrity are restored to, or better than, new condition with a 40 year guarantee.

3. In the majority of cases drains may be re-lined without any major excavation or digging.

4. All that is needed is access to the drains for our closed circuit TV, water jetter and relining equipment.

Throughout Newcastle many drains are being blocked or partially blocked and damaged for a number of reasons.

At the first sign of blocked drains or slow-to-drain sinks, baths or toilets or dampness becomes apparent home owners should quickly have the problems assessed and repaired by a local, qualified contractor, such as Wilmot Plumbing-

Wilmot Plumbing specialize in blocked drains repair throughout the Lake Macquarie area.

Repairs of damaged pipes can help avoid other more expensive repairs.

Even in cases where the drains have been damaged such as in the case of tree root intrusion, repairs can usually be carried out using no-dig technology. All Pipe Relining Newcastle operators are fully trained and equipped to carry out these trenchless no-dig pipe relining projects.

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Pipe Relining Newcastle is a division of Wilmot Civil Pty Ltd.

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