Pipe Relining Newcastle

Pipe Relining case studies- Newcastle

Wilmot Civil- Pipe Relining Newcastle provide a number of example of the types of pipe relining work carried out on the Newcastle area.

Alice Street Cardiff: Domestic reline job under a house at Cardiff NSW. The older style home’s sewer lines were located under the house and over the years tree root intrusion and deterioration had caused the drainage line to be broken over a distance of about 15 metres and the damage was located under the house. Traditional drain excavation and replacement would have cost tens of thousands of dollars nor than the Trenchless No-Dig drain repairs carried out by Wilmot Civil- Pipe Relining Newcastle. Read the story here…..

John Road Wadalba: A Civil repair to a new subdivision for Wyong Shire council. Two reinforced concrete stormwater drains (375mm and 525mm) in a new subdivision were found to have circumferential cracks after the subdivision was completed. The drains were located under the new roadway and Wilmot Civil- Pipe Relining Newcastle were called in to repair the drains using the No-Dig Trenchless Point Lining technique. A full structural repair of the drains were completed without any excavation or damage to the existing infrastructure. Read the whole story with video here……