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Pipe Relining Case Studies

Alice Street Cardiff- Pipe Relining

The “Before” and “After” CCTV photos from this job are shown above.

The property owners were aware of drainage problems at their home and contacted Pipe Relining Newcastle to call and survey the drainage system to ascertain the cause of the problem. The owners also asked for recommendations and a quote to rectify any problems found.

A team was dispatched from Pipe Relining Newcastle to carry out  a closed circuit TV analysis and inspection of the drainage system at the property.

The Sewage system at the property runs under the house and would be very difficult to excavate due to the existing Urban ware (clay pipe) running under the structure of the building.

The CCTV inspection showed that the  sewage system was completely blocked with 10 meters of tree roots and cracked joints under the house. Many of the urban ware pipes joints are cracked due to massive tree root invasion.

The “Before” photo above shows the condition of a section of the sewage line upon the initial CCTV inspection. Both the break in the pipe and the tree root intrusion are clearly shown in the photo. The exact locations and dimensions of all damaged section of pipe was carefully logged to enable a complete repair to be carried out.

A significant tree intrusion such as this one, located as it was, underneath the house would normally be an extremely difficult and expensive problem to rectify using traditional repair methods.

By using the time proven no-dig pipe relining technology Pipe Relining Newcastle was able to clear the blockage without major excavations and the broken and damaged sewer line was able to be repaired from inside the pipes.

This No-dig Technology repairs saved the home owners between $5,000 to $10,000 compared to traditional methods.

Pipe Relining Newcastle are very happy to have been able to repair the sewage system for the owner with no destruction to the property at all

All the tree roots were cleared and 15 x meters of the sewage were relined to create structural repairs to the pipe work and also keep the tree roots out. The final result is shown in the “After” photo above.The repairs are fully guaranteed.

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