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Johns Rd Wadalba- Civil Drain Relining case study

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New Subdivision Stormwater Pipe Reline.
July/ August 2015
Wilmot Civil- Pipe Relining Newcastle were approached by Wyong Shire Council to inspect and carry out structural repairs to two new reinforced concrete stormwater pipes in a new subdivision at Johns Road Wadalba.
The pipes involved were 525mm and 375mm in diameter and each had circumferential cracking.The drains were located under the recently completed John Road and the repair required a fully structural repair of both drains without excavations or damage to the new roadway and kerbing and gutters.
Andrew Wilmot from Wilmot Civil- Pipe Relining Newcastle carried out an inspection of the site and made a CCTV survey of the location and extent of the damage. A method of repair was determined using No-Dig Trenchless technology to effect a structural repair without damaging any of the new sub-division infrastructure.

CCTV imaging used to detect and survey damage to stormwater drains.
CCTV imaging used to detect and survey damage to stormwater drains.

Access was available to all damaged stormwater drains via the existing Kerb Gully Pits and it was decided to repair the drains using the Point Lining technique. This technique effectively forms a new structural pipe inside the existing damaged drain- all work is carried out from inside the existing drain.
A proposal was submitted to, and accepted by, Wyong Shire Council and work commenced.

Image showing Wilmot Civil technicians preparing to wet out the liner.
Preparing to wet out the liner.

Significant saving on costs of excavation were achieved because the Kerb Pits allowed access to both ends of each damaged section of pipe. This effectively eliminated all excavation and rehabilitation costs completely.

Image showing specialized equipment loaded into drain before relining.
Specialized equipment loaded into drain before relining.

Wilmot Civil- Pipe Relining invest heavily in specialized equipment to allow efficient and cost effective pipe relining to be carried out from domestic to civil applications.

CCTV view showing drain after repair.
View of drain after repair.

As can be seen from the CCTV view above, the drain has been completely restored with a fully structural repair.

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