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Pipe Relining Newcastle are drain and pipe relining specialists and we offer the following specialised drain relining and repair services.

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All Types of Pipe Repairs


Point lining, or patching.

This technique of drain lining is employed by Pipe Relining Newcastle is simply a long bladder or packer, similar to a long balloon which is inflated with the new liner coated in epoxy resin and compressed to the inside wall of the pipe to create the new section of pipe inside the existing pipe.This is most commonly used to repair peoples sewer problems on a small scale, we can re line around 6-9 meters per day using this technique


This technique is also sometimes used on domestic sites by Pipe Relining Newcastle but is mainly used on a bigger scale. Eg on council sewer mains etc. The inverting procedure turns the new liner inside out and drags the liner through the pipe under air pressure as the liner enters the old pipe it is run through a wet down table which soaks the liner with epoxy resin as it enters the old pipe. The liner stays compressed against the inside wall of the pipe until it cures, the result is a complete new pipe inside the existing pipe. We can re- line a long run of pipe in one day using this technique

Industrial – Civil

Also known as “Pipe Bursting”

This Pipe Relining Newcastle technique bursts the old pipe out of the way whilst dragging a new Polyethlene pipe though the inside diameter of the old pipe. A winch is connected to the burster which drags the new pipe through the old pipe and a compressed air line connected to the burster helps to burst the old pipe out of the way whilst dragging the new pipe through the exact position. We are capable of using this technique also and it is used on both Domestic and Civil/ Industrial on large sewer mains etc.

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